SAP C/4HANA – Five solutions to improve Customer Experience
By Cristina Gil Gallo
November 15, 2020

It’s likely that you have come across terms such as Customer Experience or User Experience. However, do you understand what they are and what is the difference between them?
A good digital User Experience helps the customer (as a user) to find the information on a website or app quickly and easily. Allowing the user to complete a desired task with ease. On the other hand, a good Customer experience goes beyond this. It provides the customer a pleasant, professional, and helpful interaction with company representatives, feeling positive about the overall experience with that organization and everything associated to it. Customer Experience is about understanding customers and giving them personalized experiences while user Experience is only one leg of the Customer Experience. Think of it as one leg of the journey.
In case you are still confused, I’ll explain with an example of something that happened to me recently. Revolut is a Fintech company providing an amazing solution for travelers to exchange money. You can change money to different currencies at the interbank exchange rate. You can pay and also withdraw money in different currencies without the usual bank commissions. I had an amazing User Experience when creating my account through the app, everything was easy, smooth and I liked the app. However, when I had an issue and needed to contact them, the only option was via chat in the app. There is no phone number or e-mail address. Additionally, perhaps due to a technical issue, it took them almost a month to answer my chat. In my case, I would say that my customer experience was bad despite the user experience was amazing.
There are other examples. Mobile companies that pass you on from one department to another giving you more work in the process rather than solving the issue. It would appear that when the matter is about selling, the customer experience with them can be amazing. However, once you become a customer, things change. Managing customer relationships can be rewarding. Especially if you are a company driven by customer intimacy. Even if your company is driven by innovation, or operational excellence, a certain degree of customer relationship management could increase your share of the customer. This is important today as we live in a digital world where bad reviews could be significantly damaging to a business.

In recent years, SAP solutions for improving customer experience have gone under all sorts of guises, from hybris, SAP Hybris, and SAP S/4HANA Public Marketing Cloud to SAP C4C. Then acquisitions such as Gigya, Callidus Cloud, and Coresystems were added to the mix. Finally, SAP created a single integrated solution under a new name, C/4HANA.
C/4HANA is a suite of 5 products. Below, you will find a brief explanation accompanied with a video that explains better them in detail.

  • SAP Marketing Cloud formerly called SAP Hybris Solutions. This is a Cloud CRM product. It is a single point for marketing campaigns and analytics.

  • SAP Commerce Cloud. Commerce platform to create a personalized shopping experience for e-customers. It includes product content management and order management. It is based on SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud. However, it is now running on Microsoft Azure Hyperscale platform.

  • SAP Sales Cloud. This product is the combination of the previous SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, SAP Subscription Billing and CallidusCloud. This solution provides capability for organizations connect and guide customers throughout their buying journey.

  • Service Cloud. It allows businesses to offer multiple service channels, access complete and contextual customer information and gain real-time insight into call center, self-service and field service performance. This product is the combination of SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, SAP Customer Engagement Center, Coresystems and SAP Self Service Accelerator for Utilities by SEW.

  • Customer Data Cloud. After the acquisition of Gygia in 2017, SAP created solutions for building more trusted and valued relationships with customers based on Gygia. These solutions provide capability to turn unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers. It consists of identity and authentication, consent (including data privacy), and a cross-cloud single customer profile.

To conclude, I would say that a happy customer is potentially a repeat customer. A good Customer Experience creates engagement which in turn generates more revenues for companies. Providing them with the ability to gain a bigger share of the customer. The insight gained could reveal what is actually valuable to the customer. This allows a company to tailor its services accordingly, and even charge a premium for what is really valuable to the customer. Sometimes it is not all about the lowest price for the sake of it. Many prefer to pay a little bit more and avoid flying with Ryanair.

Cristina Gil Gallo
Cristina specializes in SAP SD consulting holding a certification in S/4 HANA Sales On Premise. She started her career in SAP in 2005. She is particularly interested in international projects. She holds a BSc in Industrial Engenieering from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.